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We partner with great clients to build products that change the game

Software Development

At The High Technology Bureau we have two decades of experience developing software solutions for the web and Apple's ecosystem of Mac and iOS devices.

The Bureau has worked with clients ranging from medical manufacturers to geologists and media companies, delivering high end software. Products with features including audio analysis; interactive visualisation; and data capture over a custom mesh network. We use the best tools and techniques available to realise complex requirements in highly usable products.

Designed Simplicity

Solving difficult problems in simple ways is not always simple, but advanced products do not have to be complex. We believe that the best software enables people to achieve what used to be impossible or difficult, impossibly easily.

The Bureau partners with its clients through design, research and engineering with the expertise and disciplines required to solve the difficult problems. Simply.

Tech Community Engagement

At The Bureau we love software so much we dream about it in our spare time! We are heavily involved in the mobile and Internet of Things communities as organisers of CocoaHeads Sydney and the YOW Connected conference.

Product & Strategy Consulting

Predictable growth over time comes from combining good theory, rigorous analysis, innovative thinking and tapping the intuitive knowledge in your existing organisation, into a pattern of disruptive and sustaining innovations in your products, processes, business models and value chain.

Product and process development is, in large part, the collation and integration of existing specialised resources and processes, with innovative thinking. We can provide insight not only with analysis and application of our methodology, but also have extensive experience and networks reaching into many relevant emerging areas of expertise, from media to mobile, medicine to manufacturing, security, Internet of Things, and everything in-between.

Truly disruptive changes used to occur in most industries in cycles measured in decades. Some recent conventional wisdom on why disruptive changes are so often lost by incumbents (eg. Christensen) is sound, however disruptive changes now occur in industries, sub-industries and at the level of product categories yearly or even more frequently. Many historically effective processes cannot be executed in that sort of time frame.

Building inherently disruptive businesses

We can, however, create a meta-process for continual waves of disruptive and sustaining growth. Firstly rigorous customer and market analysis is undertaken to identify new opportunities through a “jobs to be done” lens (Christensen/Dediu/Morita). We analyse areas of relative strength and weakness in existing products/processes, in your existing value network, with comparisons to the strongest competitors. Where inter-related markets are on the S-curve and where external disruptive entrants are likely to emerge.

We will present the most promising opportunity with a context-sensitive strategy addressing the results of this analysis, whether disruptive or sustaining, competing in an existing market or targeting non-consumption.

Organisational Structure Consulting

For clients who wish to do their own product development, we can help ensure your implementation/development project is kicked off well with a “Heavyweight team” process (Clark, Wheelwright) to ensure that unpredictable dependencies can be resolved and that the existing organisational structure (which necessarily, and correctly, reflects the value network the organisation is embedded in) do not unduly influence the project, and also to seed the required Cooperation (Morieux), necessary for long term success, that will evolve from the project. Managing the rapid execution and the evolution/feedback loop of the project is assisted by applying the resource-constraint Kanban methodology (Anderson). Modern adaptations of Clark/Wheelwright’s “project charter” and “contract book” work well in this agile approach.
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phone: +61 2 8003 4128

We are headquartered in Sydney Australia, but have staff across multiple timezones and countries. We enjoy working with clients from around the world and can even help you with making your own distributed teams work better.

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